July 7, 2011

B-Spa @ Bunda International Clinic's Review

This is not a fresh review, but at least I managed to post this review.Hahaha.
Okay, this time I will make a review about B-Spa @ Bunda International Clinic in Menteng, Jakarta. I went there last Saturday as some friends (and some reviews) said that it's worth it.
So here we go..

1. The price is relatively cheaper compare to MomnJo (i took the 60 minutes traditional full body massage for only IDR 140k), and they have various packages
2. They offer us hot ginger drink BEFORE and AFTER the massage (i like!!)
3. They give us little pillows to be placed beneath our tummy, and between our legs
4. For those who originally doesn't like massage (like me), the pressure during the massage is totally acceptable!! --> I don't have to grin nor mention that the pressure is too hard5. They provide showercap and disposable panties too

1. They didn't help me when I lifted my body while changing position =( I had to struggle to change my position carefully on that little massage bed
2. The size of massage bed is smaller compare to MomnJo
3. The building is located in the main road, so some rear windows really can be annoying as you will be able to hear car alarm, tires screeching from parking lot below --> I had Bloom Room (really close to the rear windows), maybe other room is a lot further than the rear windowOverall, I'd like to return to B-Spa for another massage session (which will be more frequent). But if you feel like also being indulged via the ambience etc, maybe MomnJo suits you better.

For pricelist and packages, check their website at B-Spa


  1. Hai Ayuuuuuuuuu apa kabar? Gimana kabar kehamilannya?? Sehat2 aja kann, udah berapa minggu sih?

    *Akyu sudah menanti hari melahirkan, hihihi doakan yaaa*

    Btw, sekarang sekantor sama Crey donk di ABC Heinz?

  2. heeyy...so far me&baby are doing great!!
    sekarang udah 32w1d niii :)

    kamu udah berapa minggu?
    melahirkan dimanaa??

    iyaaaa..makanya kmrn pas halo-haloan di twitter,tnyata sesama TUMBlers!!